Sunday, 27 July 2014

Quality Double Sided Tapes Have Sufficient Strength for Carpentry Work

"The benefits of adhesive tapes to carpentry has actually long been recognized by those engaged in the craft, as well as by adhesive manufacturers. In fact, leading double sided tape makers have been introducing new products that can help in improving the efficiency of sawing, nailing, and chiselling processes. After all, if the goal is to secure heavy pieces of wood together, the tape to be used has to have the right strength and adhesive properties. In choosing a double sided tape for heavy-duty carpentry work, certain properties have to be kept in check. Bonding performance, of course, is very important, and 3M tape quality can be a big help. However, too much stickiness can also damage the surface of wood when taken off. Likewise, those working on fine furniture should stay away from adhesives which leave hard-to-remove residues. Adhesives that can withstand extreme temperatures and work on oily surfaces might also be ideal."

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